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Anxiety. When do you need to call your doctor?

Updated: Feb 8, 2021

Dandelion representing anxiety
Is anxiety causing you to fall apart

I felt compelled to write this after watching the TV programme Nadiya: Anxiety and Me. It got me thinking about where coaching stops and where medical or clinical intervention should start.

As part of my contracting, I am checking that all my clients are well and essentially sound of mind and not suffering from acute anxiety.

Stress Management Coaching is an effective self-help strategy designed to help clients start to understand their behaviour and how they are impacting on the world. The models used are frameworks to help clients wake up to themselves and increase their own self-awareness.

Coaching is not a substitute for medical intervention. If you are feeling like your anxiety is ruling your life, you are experiencing panic attacks, enduring OCD, or you are experiencing severe coping behaviour then your first port of call should be your GP.

If you are experiencing stress which has not tipped over into acute anxiety then coaching could be for you. However, do not be fooled into thinking this is a quick fix. Like everything in life that is worthwhile reaping the rewards from coaching will take time and commitment.

Your first coaching session will be a step on your journey of getting to know yourself Each subsequent coaching session, you will peel back the layers of your subconscious and conscious mind and come to realise that the way you interact with yourself, work colleagues and family has a direct impact on the quality of your life.

We can choose to live in chaos seeing life as a threat and rise to meet it in a chaotic way. Or we can choose a different path and live a calmer, more stable way, facing the same challenges but learning to deal with them so that they cause us ripples rather than engulf us in a tsunami of emotions dragging ourselves and everyone around us down with us.

If you are ready to start to get to know yourself better and live a calmer happier life then you can contact me here. ,

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