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"The greatest weapon against stress is our ability to choose one thought over another"                                                William James 


Jill West's Story

They say you can only help people to the level that you have been hurt yourself.  Whether that is true or not I have a shared experience of feeling overwhelmed, not good enough, imposter syndrome.  I even experienced a mini breakdown at work and was not able to pick up the phone with my clients.


But here is the good part, through using the coaching techniques I have studied I have overcome all of this.  So I am a walking-talking testimonial to the power of coaching.  This is why I am so passionate about reaching and helping as many people as I can. 


I can help you to wake up and start to understand yourself.   More importantly, I can help you to understand how it is possible to create positive change for yourself by becoming self-aware and learning how to master your own mindset and use the power that is within you.

I was drawn to start my coaching business after extended maternity leave. I wanted to serve people at a human level and coaching was so positive for me, as the only reason for being together is to help your clients be the best version of themselves.


As I started to study I became more and more curious about the way the mind works and how it is possible to change the quality of your life through your thoughts. I am now on a journey of growth and love finding out new ways of being and thinking every day

If you are waiting for someone in your life to change or are hoping to change someone.  I am sorry to be the one to tell you but the only person you have the power to change is yourself.

If you are ready to own the next part of your life and would like to work on how you are interacting and impacting your family, friends, and work.  Reach out to me and together we can create a calmer happier life for you.



Why coach with Jill West

  • My values are growth, positivity and harmony.  I help my clients to create happy, calm, lives by working with them to unlock their positive mindset.

  • I studied Coaching at Oxford Brookes University and was awarded Level 5 Coaching and Mentoring by the Institute of Leadership and Management.  I subsequently deepened my practice and studied Stress Management at the Center for Stress Management in London.  I am also an associate of the Chartered Institute of Marketing.


  • I have gained over 10 years experience coaching and training individuals and teams to achieve revenue targets and organisational goals in a sales and marketing environment . 

  • I have a curious open mind and I get joy from continuously learning.  I enjoy sharing knowledge with my clients through my coaching sessions and via my blog.

Ways we can work together

Stress Management Coaching

Helping you to sleep at night

Personal Development Coaching

Helping you to think clearly

For more life changing tips 
to manage stress and become more self-aware

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Jill West 


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