Welcome, I am Jill West 

I coach women who are feeling stressed, and frustrated.  

Is any one of these you?

Exhausted from putting your family first?

Suffering from tension headaches?

Lost sight of who you are?

Arguing with your loved ones?

Unsure of how to move forward with your career?

Book a call with me and we can chat about how I can help you to create positive change.

Focussed one to one video coaching in the comfort of your own home.

This is my story


Professional Jill

I am a qualified personal development coach and a stress management coach. I am a member of the Association of coaching and work under their ethics guidelines.  I am also a part-time internal recruiter.

Personal JIll,

I live in Oxfordshire and I am a wife a mother, and a sister.  I love being active and I am constantly learning and researching about well-being and all things to do with how the mind works  My values are honesty, reliability and passion. I am truly passionate about helping women create happier more fulfilling lives.

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Individual coaching

You do not have to struggle alone trying to make sense of why you are feeling overwhelmed, exhausted drained, frustrated.  Aware that the same patterns keep happening at work and home which leave you feeling stressed but you just don’t know how to change them.   There is another way.


Through coaching  I can guide you to think through your feelings about people, work, family and most importantly yourself, I can help you to replace irrational unhelpful thoughts with helpful rational thoughts.  I can give you the tools to really start to understand yourself and your motivations and help you to see what you are doing that is causing you the most pain.  Together we can work on strategies that you can use to create a happier, calmer you.



What People Say

" Not quite sure how she does it but I felt at ease so quickly and that enabled me to face some hard truths and debunk some barriers ...I took an amazing new mind set to interview and landed a job!    Please keep doing what you do Jill!”

" She had a lovely mix of making the sessions relaxed but highly effective. She really knows her stuff about how to change, and I would definitely use her services again." 

" Jill helped me untangle myself and become proud to be me. Changing my mindset, instilling confidence in myself, and made me proud of what I have achieved and where I am going on the next level. Thank you Jill."

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Jill West


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The Association for Coaching  is a leading independent and not-for- profit professional body dedicated to promoting best practice and raising awareness and standards of coaching worldwide.